Minigame Madness

Minigame Madness

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Plazo de entrega: 30.06.2022
Almacén: de venta anticipada
Región: UE
Plataforma: Steam
PVP € 19,99

€ 12,49

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Minigame Madness

€ 12,49

  • Descripción del producto

    Minigame Madness is a frantic online multiplayer party game for up to 16 players. Compete with friends or strangers in a massive, ever-growing collection of fun and unique free-for-all minigames to unlock awesome outfits and gadgets!

    • The minigame mega-list - Minigame Madness contains a massive, ever-growing collection of fun, frantic and unique free-for-all minigames. Knock your friends into the abyss in 'Surreal Sumo', try not to get hit by the bullets in 'Blazing Bullets', and don't be the one holding the bomb when it goes off in 'Explosive Exchange'. New minigames of all types and genres will be added to the 'Minigame MEGA-List' regularly, with over one-hundred minigames planned!
    • Awesome loot - Earn coins by participating in minigames, and earn gems by winning them! Coins can be used to unlock wonderful faces, stylish clothes and awesome hats through a satisfying case-opening system; while gems can be used to spin the weekly restocked 'Wheel of Madness', where you can win amazing gadgets like rideable hoverboards, adorable pets, epic capes, and so much more! What will you spin on the wheel?
    • Play how you want - Designed to be played with up to 16 players, but can also be played in single-player and even with more than 16 players on custom servers. Play with friends or meet new ones! Play in first or third-person mode, you can switch whenever you want. Play with mouse and keyboard, a controller, or both at the same time. We won't judge!
    • Maximum fun- Features an intelligent minigame voting system to ensure everyone is having fun! Before each round begins, all players are given the opportunity to vote for one of three selected minigames. The three options are not picked randomly; they are based on the players in the server and the worldwide popularity of our minigames. The minigame that received the most votes by the end will be played!
    • Achievements galore - The more you play, the higher your level! There are plenty of achievements to unlock and stats to view on your in-game customizable player profile. You can compare your stats with those of your friends to prove, once and for all, that you are the best at hurling dangerous explosives! Be proud of your epic accomplishments and show them off to the world.
    • Steal the show - Eliminated from a minigame? No need to worry! You can sit back, relax, and continue watching the action live on the 'Spectator-TV' together with other spectators! The AI spectator camera follows all the action automatically. The longer you survive in a minigame, the more spectators you have to entertain in the lobby. No pressure!+
    • Custom servers - Official servers are hosted by us, but you can host your own server as well! Minigame Madness is designed with server customization in mind. You can change pretty much anything about your server. In love with a particular minigame? Create a server and disable all other minigames to play it forever! The possibilities are endless.
    • Constantly evolving - We have so many fun ideas and we won't stop until we believe this has become the ultimate online party game! We have plans for countless new minigames, faces, clothes, gadgets and more. There are also talks going around of luxury features like: player housing, custom minigames with visual scripting, official support for servers with more than 16 players, full single-player bot support and even all-new server-modes. Who knows what the future holds for Minigame Madness!